Commercial Battery Storage

Why Commercial Battery Storage is Essential for Many Companies

Electricity is increasingly expensive and often forms a large proportion of any company’s outgoings. However, it’s also an essential commodity, especially in these days of greater reliance on technology and extensive automation of processes. It’s something, therefore, that you can’t do without but where you also need to be careful that costs don’t get out of hand.

Electricity production is becoming more of a concern, with environmental issues driving it towards more sustainable methods. However, with these not always reliable and some older methods becoming redundant, electricity supply can’t always be relied on. All these reasons and more make the use of commercial battery storage systems something that businesses are increasingly looking towards to safeguard their electricity supply at an economical cost. Read More

Features and Benefits of Industrial/Commercial Energy Storage

Commercial energy storage systems are a recognised element of green technology and generally use lithium-ion batteries to capture and store energy that’s generated by renewable means or obtained from the electricity grid. The stored energy can then be used later in the business whenever and however it is needed.

This process has many benefits for a business:

Surplus energy that is generated by sustainable methods, such as solar panels or wind turbines, can be stored for use when such energy is unavailable in sufficient quantities. This can be when solar battery storage panels aren’t functioning at night or when output is low due to limited sunshine, or when a lack of wind causes wind turbines to rotate slowly. By using power from industrial battery storage at these times, the need for energy from the grid will be minimised or avoided altogether. This will keep energy bills to the absolute minimum and will also help to reduce carbon emissions since you’re less reliant on fossil fuels for your electricity.

Commercial solar battery storage can make you completely independent of the electricity supply companies if done on a large enough scale. This will be particularly important for those companies operating off-grid or where electricity supply is not dependable.

Having industrial battery storage will provide emergency back-up power, which is essential for businesses that are entirely dependent on the constant supply of electricity. When a power outage occurs, which may happen at increased frequencies, the whole company can quickly switch to battery power. This will eliminate downtime, ensure everything keeps running and protect the continuity and profitability of the business.

Using energy from commercial battery storage can reduce demand on supply from the electricity companies at peak times. This can help to flatten out demand and ensure a company remains within agreed capacity. It will also avoid having to pay excess transmission charges and high usage rates at times of peak demand.

Using industrial battery storage in conjunction with your generator can increase efficiency. The batteries can be charged during peak use when the generator is running most efficiently. Then at times of lower energy demand, the batteries can support the loads when the generator wouldn’t be as efficient.

The Best Type of Commercial Solar Battery Storage: The Right System for Specific Needs

Electricity storage systems are scalable so there are suitable models for small businesses as well as large corporations. We can, therefore, design, supply and install a system that will exactly meet your needs, both now and in the foreseeable future.

Such a system will reduce energy costs, make your business more sustainable and increase the reliability of energy supplies. It’s something you should at least consider, and at Powerplus Energy (leading energy storage system in Australia), can provide all the information you need to make the right decision.

We provide our services all across Australia including solar battery storage in Brisbane. Read Less

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