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Renewable energy sources are slowly becoming the industry standard for many sectors of manufacturing and industrial processes. However, as the technology has become widely accepted, those implementing it have remained understandably cautious. As with any emerging tech, renewable energy has had to overcome some hurdles when it comes to efficiency and reliability, which means that companies that rely on it will be looking for designs that prioritise functionality.

To address the issues of reliability, we’re pleased to offer our lithium batteries in Adelaide. These batteries are well known, not just for their high capacity, high energy density and unmatched versatility in industrial settings but also for their robust nature.

Innovative, Renewable and Versatile Design

PowerPlus Energy (leading energy storage system in Australia) is Australia’s leading manufacturer of reliable, renewable lithium energy storage. Since 2017, we’ve offered smart, efficient designs that allow for very simple operation and installation to a huge range of industries. You’ll find our products installed in government facilities, power suppliers and retailers of battery systems as well the automotive industry and industrial transport. We’re proud to offer Australian made energy solutions that are built to last.

When you need a lithium ion battery in Adelaide, it is worth knowing that the materials used in its production are safe. Not only do we design our batteries with a robust cylindrical cell, but we take extra care to employ safe LFP lithium technology. It is a chemistry that doesn’t use cobalt and doesn’t have the same risk of a thermal runaway as other lithium chemistries.

Given our attention to detail in such matters, you might be surprised to find that the installation of our batteries is actually quite straightforward. We’ve designed it not only so that it can be easily updated or given added capacity should it be required but also so that it can be appropriately maintained with very little fuss. Our intelligent design offers benefits such as:

  • Independent, self-managing operation with each battery. This means that if a battery fails it needn’t mean a total shutdown.
  • Hot-swappable. Further to the last point, you won’t need to close the system if you need to change a battery out either!
  • Scalability. The systems are designed to be expanded as needed, so you can use your lithium battery storage in Adelaide in any application you see fit.
  • Lithium pStorage Batteries. This means that you don’t have to rely on energy that is generated then and there and can save your energy and use it at your convenience.

In addition, we offer after installation support on our products, so if you have questions or enquiries you’d like to make about your system or just want an update on the latest green energy solutions we offer, we’re always ready to support you.

Get in Touch with Your Local Installer Today!

Over the years, we’ve built up a great network of installers and traders who have nothing but great things to say about our energy solutions. To get your hands on a PPE lithium ion battery pack in Adelaide, simply give us a call or send us a message, and we’ll put you in touch with one of our dedicated local installers today!

We provide our services all across Australia including lithium battery in Melbourne.

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