Lithium Ion Battery Storage

Lithium Ion Battery Storage Solutions

Our batteries are modular to enable custom energy storage solutions, not a one size fits all approach. Our range of cabinets and enclosures enable a lithium solar batteries design to create a custom system designed for your needs. We offer indoor and outdoor rated cabinets for flexibility in design in order to ensure your lithium ion battery storage are safe and secure. Here at PowerPlus Energy (leading solar energy storage system in Australia), we manufacture and distribute both Australian made lithium batteries for your energy storage needs, as well as custom enclosures to store these lithium ion battery storage. We have two options available, each of which has been designed to fit the needs of our customers. So, for your lithium ion battery storage needs, look no further than PowerPlus Energy. Read More

Things to Consider When Placing an Lithium ion Battery Storage System

When looking for a complete energy storage solution there are many options for mounting the batteries that meet current Australian standards: -Battery Room. You can install batteries in a battery room. This room needs to be clean, dry and well ventilated. You also need to have sufficient clear access around the cabinets. -Mounting Outside. Batteries for energy storage can also be mounted on an exterior wall. The wall needs to be a non-combustible surface and the cabinets requires clearances from windows and other openings. You also need to have sufficient clear access around the cabinets and there are rules about mounting on the exterior wall of a habitable room. While all of these options seem quite complicated, a good solar and battery designer or installer will be able to assist you in finding the option that is correct for you. At PowerPlus Energy we are always happy to help you find someone in your area who is qualified and experienced.

Leading Lithium Ion battery storage Containers: What Options do PowerPlus Energy Have Available?

We offer two different ranges of battery cabinets: Slimline series and Rack series. All cabinets can be paralleled infinitely with multiple cabinets for larger installations.
  • Slimline series. This series is designed to suit any installation location, whether that be outside or inside, and allow up to 36kWhrs of PowerPlus Energy’s LiFe or Eco Series batteries per cabinet. The Australian made design comes with UV stabilised powder coating and is IP54 rated to ensure protection if you choose to install it outdoors.
  • Rack series. This series are a standard 19 inch rack mount style designed for indoor use. There are cabinet options from 24-80kWh, fully assembled DC cabling, and easy on-site installation to make the process as simple and seamless as possible.
Each of our designs has a full specification sheet which is available to download on the respective product pages of our website. Alternatively, if you have any questions about these products, feel free to get in touch with us by phone, email, or by submitting a contact form on our website and we will get back to you to answer any queries you have. Remember, for your lithium battery storage solutions, look no further than PowerPlus Energy. Our off grid battery solutions are one of the best if not the best in the world. Read Less

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