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The Leading Lithium Battery in Perth

Whether you work in manufacturing, mining, governmental or utilities, energy efficiency and green credentials are enormous factors in how you power your operation. Many commercial and public services recognise the need for sustainable energy sources, but there remains a certain disquiet over reliability concerns, even as green technology improves exponentially. Ultimately, for a business or service to thrive, it has to be dependable, so this concern is perfectly understandable. With our Australian design and manufacturing, we’re able to provide a reliable and safe lithium battery in Perth. These batteries use lithium ferro phosphate, a chemistry that is safe, energy dense, efficient and durable. Ultimately, if you are looking for a dependable green energy source, lithium holds the key. Read More

Best Lithium Ion Battery Storage in Perth: Safety, Dependability and Smart Design

Our mission is to provide great quality, durable and reliablelithium ion battery storage in Perth as well as commercial battery storage. Since 2017, we’ve seen our business go from strength to strength, and you’ll now see our energy solutions in a massive array of applications, whether it is in a manufacturing plant, automotive processes or in governmental facilities. Furthermore, we are entirely Australian run, so you can be sure you are supporting the local economy when you install one of our products. We care about the environment and about the safety of our products, too. Our design team have committed themselves not only to dependable energy but to international standards of health and safety. For this reason, we have implemented a few non-negotiable features to ensure your battery is operating safely:
  • Safe Materials
In particular, when we manufacture ourlithium ion battery in Perth, we use LFP lithium chemistry. This is safer and less volatile than other lithium technology and crucially doesn’t use cobalt.
  • Strong Design
Our batteries are designed in Australia for Australian conditions. Not only do we employ a robust cylindrical design, but they can operate safely at extreme temperatures.
  • Independent Battery Management
At Powerplus Energy (leading energy storage system in Australia), we understand the inconvenience that a full system shutdown can cause, which is why we have manufactured our batteries to be entirely independent of the system. That means that if for whatever reason, one battery fails or runs out of charge, any others on the system will keep it running. Furthermore, every installation comes with a warranty that means that if you want to add capacity to your battery within that time, you can do so with the minimum of effort. We have our support team based in Australia too, so if you do face any issues or difficulties with your system, we’re always on hand to help.

Need a Lithium Ion Battery Pack in Perth: Call to Find Your Local Installer Today

We’ve built a huge network of installers and retailers over the years, so if you are ready to have a dependable, renewable solar battery system installed, simply give us a call today, and we’ll put you in touch with the most convenient installations expert near you! We provide our services all across Australia including lithium battery in Brisbane. Read Less

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