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Looking for Lithium Solar Batteries?

When it comes to energy supply, undoubtedly, one of the most important issues to be addressed is reliability. In the early days of renewable energy, some were worried about reliability and longevity, which meant that some businesses avoided it. They were worried about energy storage losing charge and felt they had to sacrifice sustainability for efficiency.

It is for this reason that we offer our high energy density, dependable lithium solar batteries. This kind of battery is known for its extraordinary longevity, as lithium solar batteries can be recharged and discharged many hundreds of times over. Lithium ion solar battery have an extraordinarily high energy density and are fast charging, making them one of the most dependable types of battery on the market. Read More

Some of the Benefits of Using Our Lithium Ion Solar Battery Systems in Australia

Since 2017, we’ve designed and created high-quality lithium ion solar battery storage and renewable energy sources for a wide range of industries, including off-grid domestic industrial and commercial sites, government and others. We’re proud to be Australian owned and made and have quickly become a market-leading design with an eye for simplicity and efficiency.

One of the things that make our lithium ion battery storage products is their user-friendliness. When you order one of our batteries, you’ll benefit from:

  • Simple installation. Whichever one of our affiliated installers you enlist, the design of the Australian lithium solar batteries allows for a very quick and efficient installation, saving you time and money.
  • Scalability. Our Australian lithium solar batteries are designed to work in tandem with each other, so if you need to expand your power capacity within the warranty period, extra units can be added without any fuss.
  • Applications that can be used either on or off the grid. If you need to isolate your energy supply from the main grid and use it independently, you’ll find these lithium batteries for solar panels work just as well without being connected.

Additionally, our lithium ion batteries for solar panels have a high-temperature tolerance and living in Australia you’ll certainly benefit from their ability to work under high temperatures. 

When it comes to maintenance and any potential shortfalls in battery operation, these systems are designed to self-manage. Each battery has the capacity to work independently of the rest of the system, so if one shuts down, the rest can continue to power the system, meaning a shortfall in battery operation will have no effect on the rest of the system.

In the rare instance that you might have any difficulty with one of our lithium solar batteries in Australia, you’ll be pleased to find we offer an expert support service after the installation. Our designs are made to adhere to the highest international standards – something we’re keen to maintain!

Leading Lithium Ion Battery For Solar Panels and Storage in Australia: Get Your Installation Today!

At PowerPlus Energy (leading solar energy storage system in Australia), have a great relationship with our solar and battery installers, so if you are in need of high-quality lithium batteries for solar panels,  get in contact today, and we’ll direct you to your experienced local installer today!

We provide our services all across Australia installing lithium batteries in Brisbane and elsewhere. Read Less

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