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Most industries these days are looking for energy sources that offer both energy efficiency and sustainability. Historically, however, the two have not necessarily gone together, and in the early days of green energy, there was a general anxiety about how reliable it could be. Understandably, there remains a certain amount of caution over renewable energy, even with some of the extraordinary advances that have been made in the field. If you worry about the reliability of renewable energy sources, you might want to install one of our lithium batteries in Sydney. At Powerplus Energy (leading energy storage system in Australia) we have custom designed our batteries to use lithium-ion, a material that can store incredibly dense volumes of energy and yet retain its charge for longer than other, lower-grade materials. Read More

Best Lithium Ion Battery Storage in Sydney: Simple but Effective Design

Since 2017, we’ve been supplying Australian industries with smart, efficient energy products, and we’re pleased to offer you our lithium ion battery storage in Sydney. In the time we’ve been in business, having drawn from many more years of experience in the trade, we’ve built a national reputation for reliable, simple designs that are not only easy to install and maintain but are almost infinitely scalable too. So, whether you are looking for energy sources for your lithium power box, mining operation or manufacturing process, our smart batteries are the perfect solution. One of the things that set them aside is the deceptive simplicity of the design. They are manufactured for ease of installation and to be unobtrusive in your workplace. This has the added bonus of also allowing for great versatility when it comes to scaling up or down. When you have one of our batteries installed, you also have the option to add extra capacity within the warranty period, and it also means that your system can be configured in a number of ways. Such versatility has some excellent benefits:
  • Suitable for supply either on or off the grid in domestic, commercial or industrial settings.
  • High-density solar storage can be used at any time of day or night.
  • Each battery can self-manage and works independently of others, which means that if one goes down, then the system can carry on functioning as normal.
  • Ability to ‘hot-swap’ means that if a battery goes down or needs servicing, you can keep the system running safely without closing it down.
We’ve also worked hard to ensure that our systems adhere to the highest standards of safety. Each lithium ion battery in Sydney we sell makes use of durable, cylindrical cell technology and uses entirely cobalt-free LFP lithium. That means that not only do we avoid the harmful impact of cobalt but also the more volatile lithium-based materials. Furthermore, we offer an expert support service with all our installations, so if you have concerns or issues with your battery, you need only give us a call for assistance.

Sydney’s Leading Lithium Ion Battery Storage Pack

As we’ve grown over the years, we’ve managed to enlist the support of a great many retailers and battery installation experts from across the country. When you are ready to get your installation, simply give us a call or send in one of our query forms, and we’ll put in touch with your most convenient installation expert straight away, and soon you’ll have the benefit of clean, dependable energy! We provide our services all across Australia including lithium batteries in Perth.
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