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Lithium power boxes are can save your business in an emergency situations! Businesses and public services are entirely dependent on sufficient energy sources. Any dip or fluctuation in supply can have dire consequences, and in some cases, it can be catastrophic for the public at large. It is for this reason that so many businesses, for a long time, were cautious about using green energy, which, in its early days was not known for its reliability. However much the technology has improved over the years, that caution remains. One of the most reliable chemistries with a reliable history in the market, which we use in our lithium power box is lithium ferro phosphate. It has become something of a prized material when it comes to energy efficiency in sustainable power packs. Read More

Leading Lithium Battery Power Box: Versatile, Safe and Adaptable

As a market-leading designer and manufacturer of smart energy solutions, Powerplus Energy (leading energy storage system in Australia), pleased to offer you our lithium battery power box. Our team have a collective of experience of over 80 years and since 2017 our company has become one of the leading lights in the industry. We’ve worked on intelligent but simple commercial battery storage products which can now be found installed in all commercial industries, including but not limited to:
  • Governmental facilities
  • Industrial processing
  • Mining
  • Automotive manufacturing
  • Rail
Part of the reason our products have been so popular in such capacities is the dependability they offer. The batteries in our lithium power box systems are made to be independent and self-managing, which means, if one should fail or lose its charge, the rest will continue as normal, keeping your system working. But such innovative design doesn’t sacrifice safety. We’ve striven to adhere to international regulations when it comes to the safe use of lithium and energy retain materials. We use LFP lithium technology, which entirely avoids the use of cobalt, which can have a hugely detrimental impact on people and the environment across the globe. Another safety measure we have included is that our lithium power boxes in Australia can run at high temperatures. The batteries use a mechanically stable cylindrical design, but we have made it as simple as possible, too. That means not only can it run in challenging environments but can be very easily installed. With every system, we offer aftercare support, and the chance to add capacity to your batteries within the warranty period. Furthermore, if you need it to work off the grid it can be calibrated to accommodate that as well!

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Whether you are looking for a new lithium power box system for a manufacturing plant, a mining operation or a domestic setting, we’ve always got the right connections to help you out. We offer our systems through a network of third-party installers, so if you need to find some to set your system up, give us a call today, and we’ll find a local retailer or installer for you! We provide our services all across Australia including lithium battery in Perth and lithium batteries in Sydney as well as the rest of Australia. Read Less

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