Solar Battery Storage Australia

The Need for Solar Battery Storage in Australia

Given that most of Australia benefit from long hours of sunshine, it’s hardly surprising that Australian solar battery storage power is increasing in popularity. This is also driven by electricity prices that continue to rise. The big drawback of a Australian solar battery storage power is that it is not always completely reliable. Even in Australia, the sun doesn’t always shine and, when that happens, output from solar panels is reduced. It’s also true that solar power is only generated during daylight hours, which is the time that residential usage is generally at its lowest. Read More

Autralian Made Solar Batteries: Using all the Electricity You Generate

Solar battery storage systems help you use the energy generated when there is demand. This means that you can benefit from Australian made solar batteries at any time of the day or night. Even in winter, when daylight hours are fewer and the sun is less powerful, your solar panels will often generate more power than you’ll use during the day. So, you can continue to use every bit of electricity that’s generated by effectively evening out the levels of supply and demand and increasing the availability of solar power. You don’t even need to have solar panels to take advantage of the energy storage that battery storage solutions offer. Depending on your situation, you can charge the batteries from the grid or from a generator which can supply during times of higher energy charges or low demand. Two main types of system are available:
  • DC (direct current) that connects directly to the source of electricity (generally your solar panels), which is the more efficient method of connection since there’s no need for an additional inverter. However, this method is less efficient in terms of charging and discharging, isn’t recommended for retrofitting to existing solar panels and may not be capable of being charged from the external supply.
  • AC (alternating current) systems are connected after the electricity meter and so require a unit to convert the generated electricity to AC for use in the property and to DC for storage in the battery. These systems are more expensive than DC models, mainly due to the need for an additional inverter.

Installing the Best and Most Suitable Solar Battery Storage in Australia

Home Solar battery storage means you can have predictable energy bills by using more of the power you generate and possibly taking advantage of cheaper electricity prices. You will be more independent of electricity suppliers and will have back-up electricity when there’s a power outage. And, since battery storage can be virtually maintenance-free, you can often forget about its very existence. You’ll only achieve all the benefits, however, if you choose the right system. We have a wide range of Australian made solar batteries that have varying features and different capacities to suit all sizes and types of properties. They’re all manufactured to the highest standards, which are in line with the standards that we maintain when serving our customers. PowerPlus Energy (leading energy storage system in Australia) provides all the information, advice and support you’ll need so you install the best and most cost-efficient battery, enabling you to benefit fully from solar power. We provide other types of services such as commercial battery storage all across Australia. Read Less

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