Solar Battery Storage Brisbane

Installing Solar Battery Storage in Brisbane

If you’re planning to install solar panels to take advantage of the free electricity that the sun provides, a solar battery system will allow you to use even more of it. Check out Powerplus Energy (leading energy storage system in Australia), if you need one! If you already have solar panels, you can retrofit a storage system and can also upgrade any existing system to give you greater storage capacity. Our solar battery solutions in Brisbane give you greater independence from electricity suppliers, increased energy security and reduced usage costs. Whatever the time of day or year, you can store excess energy for use later rather than having to sell it to power companies at a price much less than you’ll have to pay for it later. Read More

Getting the Best from Your Solar Storage Solution in Brisbane

In order to gain maximum benefit from battery storage, ensure your property is as energy efficient as it can be. Ideally, that means double-glazed windows, wall and roof insulation and sealed gaps to prevent heat loss in winter and the escape of cooled air in summer. It is also important to choose energy-efficient appliances in your home. By reducing your need for electricity in this way, you’re more likely to achieve energy independence with battery storage. Solar battery systems in Brisbane are a significant investment but can be particularly beneficial for properties:
  • that are off-grid battery system and reliant on generators.
  • where there are electric vehicles that need to be charged overnight.
  • that are large with high electricity demand, such as from heated swimming pools, air conditioning and plenty of occupants.
  • where the electricity supply is unreliable and a back-up system is needed.
  • that have high peak tariffs that have to be avoided if possible.
  • where a regular excess of electricity is generated through the day, which can be put to better use.

Installing the Best and Most Suitable Batteries in Brisbane

Aside from the issues of power security and independence from electricity suppliers, you need to strike a balance between the price you pay for the solar panels and the storage system, and the financial return you achieve through predictable electricity bills. In essence, that usually means installing a solar battery that will be fully charged regularly, even in winter when sunlight may be relatively low. Anything bigger may be a waste of capacity although this can be added to later by an upgrade if necessary. We also provide our services all across Australia including solar battery systems in Adelaide. Read Less

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