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Slimline Cabinets

Designed to protect and expand with your growing energy storage needs.

IP rated for outdoor environments our Slimline cabinets focus on maintaining a compact footprint in a professional yet accessible manner. All cabinets come pre-wired ready for easy installation on site.


Store up to 16kWh of energy
This cabinet is an optimal choice for smaller systems. The size and construction makes it well suited for secure installation in tight spaces and residential properties. Additional cabinets can be added for expansion as required, maintaining the low and compact profile on walls.

PEF9W – 250

Store up to 36kWh of energy

The second largest battery storage cabinet in the Slimline range offers homeowners the flexibility for future system expansion. The battery side mount installation allows the narrow profile to be maintained whilst eliminating the need to compromise on your power capacity.

Design and build your own BESS with our full enclosures

Keep all your PCE equipment and additional components in one accessible cabinet out of the elements. Both our PEF6–250B and PEF12–250B cabinets lend themselves to full system enclosure fitting well known inverters.

PEF6W – 250B

Store up to 24kWh of energy
The PEF6 provides a compact solution for your complete solar powered battery system with minimal impact on walkways along the side of your home. The flexible design suits a range of inverters to be installed in the same weatherproof enclosure with our batteries.

PEF12W – 250B

Store up to 48kWh of energy
Our newest Slimline cabinet and now largest on offer helps ensure your entire system is protected from the weather while maintaining easy accessibility. With the large amount of space, this cabinet lends itself to being system design friendly, especially when you begin looking into BESS alternatives.
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Solar Storage Batteries

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