Off Grid Battery System

Searching for an off grid Battery System for Your Property?

While making the choice to implement an off grid battery system  into your property can be beneficial in multiple ways, such as saving you money and reducing your carbon footprint, it can also be a confusing experience for those unfamiliar with the intricacies. Fortunately, we here at PowerPlus Energy have been sharing our expertise with our partners and clients across Australia and the rest of the world and ensuring that everyone makes the decisions that are best for them and their specific situations. If you would like to know how we can support you, why not get in touch with us by phone or email, or by visiting our offices to have a chat with one of our friendly members of staff?
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What is an off grid Battery System?

To begin with, let us break down exactly what we mean when we talk about an off grid battery system.

Off grid Battery:

The most important thing to note about the battery you will be using in your off grid system is that it will typically be made with one of three common chemical compositions, which we will discuss below. The differentiation between these three is important, as it will affect many aspects of buying and implementing the system. So, let’s break down the three options:

  • Australian Made Lithium ion Batteries. This is the most common chemistry used for batteries in off grid power systems. There are several different lithium chemistries used, lithium ferro phosphate being PowerPLus Energy’s choice. Lithium ferro phosphate or LFP balances energy density, life span, safety, performance and cost, and we believe is the best chemistry for energy storage applications.These batteries are light and compact in comparison to their counterparts.
  • Lead acid. This type of battery has been used in energy systems for decades and is still popular with some users today. They are significantly less expensive than their lithium ion alternatives, with the trade-off for this being a shorter lifespan, more required maintenance and less flexibility.
  • Saltwater. This type of battery is the least common of the three due to being a new technology that has not been rigorously tested. In general, it falls between the two options above in terms of cost and lifespan, with its most notable benefit being its ease of recyclability.

Off grid Battery Bank:

When it comes to setting up your off grid battery bank, the crucial thing to consider is the size that you will need your system to be. A certified solar and battery installer or system designer will check for many things at the site including the total required to load, roof aspect, any roof shading, etc

PowerPlus Energy off grid lithium battery bank are modular, which means you can add more battery modules to your battery bank during the warranty period. This is especially helpful when you needs to grow over time or if you have budget constraints.

We understand that this may be a difficult process to get your head around if you are not already acquainted with the requirements of battery systems. Therefore, our friendly members of staff will be on hand to answer any questions you have if you get in touch with us today. Our expertise when it comes to these systems is second to none and we provide a variety of options for you to help get you started and make the process of installing your own self-sufficient energy system as simple and seamless as it can possibly be. If you have any questions please get in contact and we can put you in touch with a certified solar and battery installer in your area.

PowerPlus Energy (leading solar energy storage system in Australia) has a number of lithium batteries and enclosures to suit a variety of applications. They are all scalable which means they are suitable from a small one or two battery system right up to large grid support systems. If you have any questions or would like assistance, we will be more than happy to hear from you and provide our expertise on the matter. We pride ourselves on our mission to provide easy to use, easy to install, reliable and robust energy storage, so get in touch with us today so that we can work together to continue this goal.

Off grid Solar Storage Systems

Now that we have broken the separate parts of an off grid battery bank and have hinted as to why they would be beneficial to you and your property, we will move on to our recommended power source for these systems: solar power. off grid solar batteries provides a number of benefits in comparison to other options available, such as:

  • Its renewability. This may go without saying for many people as it’s commonly referred to as a renewable energy source, but it is worth noting just how renewable this source actually is. We can never run out of solar energy and there is nothing we need to do to ensure that the energy is recycled back into the system. As long as the sun is shining in the sky, even on cloudier days when it may not be as obviously visible to the naked eye, we will have this energy forever.
  • off grid solar storage is low maintenance. Due to the lack of moving parts in solar power when compared to other options, this type of power requires significantly less amount of maintenance to upkeep. Other than the occasional clean, you will not experience any maintenance issues in a solar panel system that has been correctly installed.
  • Its potential future improvements. The popularity of off grid solar battery storage energy has soared in recent years, resulting in many organisations putting significant time and money into exploring the possible growth options for the energy source. The future of solar power looks to be bright, with new innovations on the horizon that will continue to innovate and improve households and commercial properties around the world.
  • Its persity.  Solar power systems can be installed anywhere in the world, and require a considerably small amount of space, with many owners installing them on the roof of their properties, as an example. Also, innovations in the field have already increased the integration possibilities of these panels further, with some companies already introducing solar energy windows.

In addition to the advantages above, integrating the solar power into an off grid battery system only extends its possibilities. For example, one of the most common concerns when it comes to solar power is the reliability of it on days that are cloudy or generally lacking in significant solar energy. With the power also being packed and stored in the battery banks, this possible disadvantage is counteracted, resulting in property owners having a consistent supply of power, no matter the weather.

How Can I get my own off grid Power System?

If you are interested in implementing an off grid battery system into your property, then why not get in touch with us today to find out what we can do for you. Our home solar battery storage solutions are on of the best if not the best in the world. You can also browse our options on our website to get an idea of what we could offer, as well as get some answers to frequently asked questions that you may have.
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