Australian Designed and Manufactured Solar Batteries

LiFe Smart Lithium Battery Series with built in BMS. Suitable for Australian conditions with applications including residential, commercial, industrial and rural.


Engineered and built in Australia

The LiFe smart lithium battery Series is a high energy density, lightweight, durable and reliable energy storage solution. It’s engineered and built with pride in Australia, for the world’s most demanding solar customers.

Lead Acid Replacement

Because LFP batteries operate in the same voltage window as lead acid batteries they can easily replace them in most applications. With its higher cycle life and better temperature tolerance, lithium is now a cost-effective improvement over lead acid.

Self Managed LFP Battery

Powerplus Energy’s Smart BMS work with most inverters. They provide increased safety and protection, programmable settings, individual string monitoring, and the ability to connect multiple batteries in series to create higher voltage batteries.

Low Voltage

PowerPlus Energy’s solutions are designed engineered and made in Australia for Australian conditions
  • AC/DC Couple On & Off Grid Compatible
  • Australian Made – Quality engineered
  • High Temp and Cycle LiFe
  • 10 Year Warranty
  • Light Weight and Compact
  • High Efficiency – 30% more PV stored
  • Lead Acid Replacement – or possible parallel connection
  • Self Managed LFP Battery – suits most inverters and MPPT
  • Parallel Connection to achieve kWh
  • Long Service life
  • Small Installation Footprint
  • Fully Recyclable, No Heavy Metals
  • Safe Lithium Chemistry
  • Reduced generator runtime and increased fuel efficiency
PPE PowerPlus Energy LiFe series solar lithium battery 12033p

High Voltage

PowerPlus Energy will soon release it’s new 120V battery system. As with all our batteries it will be simple to use and install with each battery containing its own smart BMS (Battery Management System)

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