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Eco Series

The Affordable and Reliable Sustainable Energy Storage Solution

Our Eco Series is where reliability, efficiency, and affordability collide to provide safe and sustainable power. Each of our Eco lithium batteries are made and designed in Australia and provide a high-quality power solution for a range of applications including residential, industrial, commercial, and telecommunication needs.

shadow - Eco4840P angle PowerPlus Energy Australian Made Lithium Battery - high quality


4.0kWh Nominal Capacity

This is PowerPlus’ entry-level battery that offers great value for money without compromising on quality or reliability. The Eco4840P battery is the ideal option for less demanding applications.

Industry Standard 19" Rack Mount

The Eco4840P is easy to install and can be mounted on industry-standard 19″ racks or cabinets. This ensures that you can fit it wherever you need it.

Reliable Power Long Into the Future

Our Eco4840P is designed to replace lead-acid batteries and offers blackout protection, making it the perfect choice for budget domestic systems.

Off-Grid and On-Grid Connected Systems

This feature ensures you can use the Eco4840P in a range of settings, giving you the flexibility you need to power your activities.

IP40 Rating

Our Eco4840P battery has an IP40 rating, meaning it is protected from condensation, tools and small wires larger than 1mm, and is suitable for indoor use.
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