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Rack Cabinets

Keep your system protected

All our Rack cabinets come pre-wired with quality Australian made cables and components where possible. Their minimalist design allows easy installation and ongoing maintenance with four-side access. Ranging from 8 – 20 battery units there is an option for any project demand.

Rack Cabinets


Store up to 32kWh of energy
Our smallest Rack in the range, ideal for tight indoor spaces where height is a concern or smaller systems


Store up to 40kWh of energy
One of our best sellers and a great cabinet to get a taste of Australian energy storage design and flexibility.


Store up to 48kWh of energy
When you can’t decide, meet somewhere in the middle with room to grow with space for 12 batteries.

Easily parallel multiple Cabinets for extra energy storage capacity

After greater capacity or want to expand an existing system? Cabinets can be paralleled to keep up with changing energy demands.


Store up to 72kWh of energy
When future power needs are unknown, there is plenty of space to expand your energy storage system with 18 battery rack mount slots.


Store up to 80kWh of energy
Have a big domestic or commercial energy storage project? Our biggest cabinet on offer will support you with space for up to 20 batteries.

IP21 Indoor Rated

All Rack cabinets are IP21 rated meaning they are protected from touch by fingers and objects greater than 12mm and from condensation.

Suits Battery Expansion

As needs or budget allow, it is easy to add another battery to the system. Plugging a new battery in and altering a few settings on your inverter is all that is needed.

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