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Escape10 Series

7.5kW – 22.5kW

The PowerPlus Escape10 series is a fully integrated battery energy storage system that’s built to last. The Series is both scalable and engineered for modularity with a low MTTR, making it ideal for medium renewable energy projects.

Flexible and Customisable Design

The Escape10 series offers flexible and scalable designs for various applications, whether you need a small or medium energy storage solution. Our BESS is modular, which means you can mix and match cabinets to suit your system requirements. Plus, it comes in two variants, AC Single Bay and AC Dual Bay.

All-Weather Suited

Our BESS is designed to withstand all weather conditions.

Designed for Australian Conditions

The Escape10 series is designed with Aussie products and made in Australia, ensuring the highest quality possible. With readily accessible components and N+1 redundancy, our BESS is easily serviceable on-site, reducing downtime and costs.

Remote Monitoring and Control

Our BESS is equipped with built-in Type II Surge Protection and remote monitoring, allowing you to increase power security and improve systems management for all your connected modules. You can remotely check on your system and configure its operation through one integrated monitoring software, providing live information and analysis of performance.
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