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Powerful Batteries

Affordable and Efficient Energy.

At PowerPlus, our batteries are the perfect energy storage solution for your residential, commercial, or industrial needs. Our LiFe Premium, LiFe Premium N70, and Eco Series Australian-made batteries come with a self-managed Battery Management System BMS guaranteeing reliable and efficient power for years to come.

The Safe and Sustainable Energy Storage Solution.

Whether you need lithium batteries for off-grid solar, telecommunications, street lighting, or more – our future-ready batteries are designed to scale with your system and adapt to your ever-changing energy needs. With a focus on safety, sustainability, and superior performance, PowerPlus Batteries are the ultimate solution for sustainable energy storage.

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LiFe Premium Series

Perfect for a wide range of applications, our new LiFe4838P battery is highly recommended boasting 15% increase in capacity, a generation II BMS, and a new advanced status LED, making it easy to diagnose battery conditions.

2.2kWh – 3.8kWh Capacity

80% State of Health (End of 10Yr Warranty)

LiFe Series is available in 24V, 48V, 120V

Eco Series

These Australian batteries are ideal for those looking to establish their first energy storage system. Offering great value for money without sacrificing quality or reliability, the simple modular design allows endless system integration.

4.0kWh Capacity

60% State of Health (End of 10Yr Warranty)


LiFe Premium N70 Series

These batteries are efficient, reliable, and safe, making them perfect for use in a variety of applications, including caravan and motorhomes, street and industrial lighting, and even off-grid solar systems.

100Ah, 50Ah and 25Ah Capacity

5 Year Warranty

12V, 24 and 48V

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Extensive Inverter Compatibility

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Infinite Scalability

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Direct Lead Acid Replacement

Premium 10 Year Warranty

With a focus on growth, development, and customer satisfaction, we guarantee both quality and simplicity in all our products. Our lithium batteries come with a premium 10-year warranty excludes N70 Series batteries and are the safer lithium battery choice for your current and future energy projects. Click through to our individual product pages for more information on each battery model.
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