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PowerPlus delivers worldwide, however our range of products are available from a wide range of battery storage installation companies and online stores. We deal in all kind of off grid batteries which includes off grid solar system batteries and off grid solar storage. You can give us a call on +61 3 8797 5557 or send us an email, and we can recommend an installer or retailer in your area.

PowerPlus Energy is a manufacturer and does not sell direct to the public. You can give us a call on +61 3 8797 5557 or send us an email, and we can recommend an installer or retailer in your area.

PowerPlus Energy was established in 2017 based on a need for quality Lithium batteries for a wide variety of application. We have enjoyed great success, and are growing from strength to strength.

PowerPlus is your trusted partner for reliable, long-lasting energy storage solutions. We design and manufacture Australian-made batteries, cabinets, and BESS solutions for a wide range of renewable energy projects.

Yes, our batteries are designed to prioritise safety, sustainability, and superior performance. Our future-ready batteries can scale with your system and adapt to your evolving energy needs, making them an ideal solution for sustainable energy storage.

Each battery comes with a built-in self-managed Battery Management System (BMS), ensuring reliable and efficient power for years to come.

Yes, our batteries are designed to be scalable. You can easily expand the capacity of your PowerPlus battery system to meet your growing energy storage needs. Whether you start with a smaller system and later expand it, or plan for future expansion from the beginning, PowerPlus provides flexibility and adaptability.

Absolutely! Our batteries are designed for easy installation and maintenance. The self-managed Battery Management System (BMS) ensures user-friendly operation, and our support team is available to assist with any questions or issues you may encounter.

Yes, PowerPlus batteries are designed to seamlessly integrate with existing solar or renewable energy systems. This allows you to store excess energy generated by your solar panels and use it when needed, maximizing the efficiency and self-sustainability of your system.

The LiFe4838P is our newest battery which offers a 15% capacity increase. It has the same chemistry and cylindrical structure as our previous lithium batteries but includes a generation II BMS and newly designed advanced status indicator light. This allows for simplified fault-finding, reduced service calls, and faster repair times.

Pre-wired cabinets minimise the time required for on-site installation. They simplify the process by providing pre-built and tested gear trays and enclosures, reducing the complexity of site installation. These cabinets are designed to save time and effort during system setup.

Yes, you can easily parallel multiple cabinets to achieve greater energy storage capacity. This allows you to meet changing energy demands and expand an existing system without hassle.

Of course! We design, engineer, and manufacture our energy storage solutions right here in Melbourne, ensuring the highest quality for our customers possible.

Our BESS Systems are designed with readily accessible components, N+1 redundancy, and hot-swappable products, ensuring easy onsite servicing and maintenance.

Our BESS systems are all-weather suited with three different cabinet variations to endure any climate.

Absolutely! Our BESS Systems can be mixed and matched to suit specific project requirements, allowing them to adapt effortlessly to your energy needs.

We provide monitoring software that allows for remote system configuration and analysis, increasing power security while improving systems management.

Our Batteries are perfect for residential, commercial, and industrial needs. They’re designed to scale with your system and adapt to your ever-changing energy needs.

Yes, our batteries are suitable for off-grid solar systems, among other applications such as telecommunications and street lighting.

Yes, our Slimline Series cabinets have different IP ratings (IP54, IP65, IP66) – making them suitable for outdoor environments.

Each of our cabinets come pre-wired with high-quality Australian components, simplifying the installation process.

Of course! Our cabinets offer the flexibility to easily parallel multiple cabinets, allowing you to scale your system according to your needs.

All our products come with a premium 10-year warranty, guaranteeing quality and reliability for years to come.

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