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LiFe Premium N70 Series

Flexible Capacity and Premium Quality for Your Off-Grid Lifestyle

Looking for a safe, reliable, and efficient power source for your off-grid lifestyle? Look no further than our LiFe Premium N70 lithium battery series. Our lithium batteries are the perfect option for caravan and motorhome enthusiasts, street lighting, industrial needs, off-grid solar, and more.

We understand that off-grid activities have different power needs. That’s why we offer multiple N70 battery size options, including the LiFe1213N, LiFe2413N, and LiFe4813N. At PowerPlus, we let you choose the size that suits your requirements, without having to compromise on safety or efficiency.
LiFe1213N Powerplus Energy Lithium Batteries
LiFe1213N angle PowerPlus Energy Lithium Batteries


12.8V Nominal DC Voltage
1300Wh Nominal Capacity
LiFe2413N angle PowerPlus Energy Lithium Batteries


25.6V Nominal DC Voltage
1300Wh Nominal Capacity
LiFe2413N angle PowerPlus Energy Lithium Batteries


51.2V Nominal DC Voltage
1300Wh Nominal Capacity
Batteries N70 Series

Safe Lithium Chemistry

Our lithium batteries use safe chemistry that ensures reliability and efficiency without sacrificing safety. Rest assured that our batteries will keep you powered up without any issues.

Compatible with AC and DC Coupled Systems

Each battery is compatible with both AC and DC coupled systems, making them ideal for a range of applications. Whether you need power for your caravan, motorhome, street lighting, or industrial needs, our batteries can handle it all

Multiple Install Options

Our batteries are easy to install and can be mounted in various orientations to suit your needs. This feature ensures more installation flexibility, guaranteeing the best fit wherever you need it.

Mechanically Robust Cylindrical Cells

Our cylindrical cells are mechanically robust, meaning they can handle the demands of off-grid use. Whether you’re on the road or out in the wild, our lithium batteries are designed to withstand whatever you throw at them.

Free Warranty Returns

The LiFe Premium N70 models are designed to last, and come with free warranty returns. For your peace of mind, we’ll replace your battery free of charge should anything go wrong.
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