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Protect. Maintain. Expand. Australian Enclosures.

Prefer to design and build your systems? Our pre-wired cabinets minimise the time required to install batteries and inverter equipment on-site. Ranging from small battery enclosures to cabinets, including gear trays you can pre-build and test in the workshop, simplifying site installation.

PEW3 angle open with battery - transparent - Powerplus Energy Cabinets Made for Australian Lithium Batteries
Rack Cabinets

Suitable for protected environments, our Rack cabinets make the most of the available floor space. From smaller residential systems to large industrial applications, they can easily scale for your energy storage needs.

24kWh – 80lWh Capacity

IP21 – Indoor Environments

Energy Storage Only

Slimline Cabinets

Suitable for outdoor or indoor projects, our Slimline Range has a compact footprint ideal for smaller spaces. Designed and manufactured in Australia, the range brings a fresh modern look to energy storage for varying setups.

12kWh – 48kWh Capacity

IP54, IP65, IP66 – Outdoor Environments

Suited for Energy Storage and PCE's/Gear

BESS Cabinets

Our state of the art purpose built BESS cabinets are now available on their own. Enjoy flexibility to design and assemble your energy storage system the way you want. Available in all-weather rated variations your system will be protected long term.

IP21, IP54


Suited for Energy Storage and PCE's/Gear


Future Proof Friendly

Asset 11

Flexibility with PCE Housing


Easily Parallel Multiple Cabinets

Pre-wired for a simple install

Make your installation simpler when you compliment your batteries with a pre-wired cabinet built with high quality Australian components.

Infinitely Scalable

Our pre-wired cabinets can be infinitely scaled by paralleling them, giving you the ability to have small and large systems to suit different needs.

Indoor & outdoor applications

There are enclosures to suit outdoor or indoor installations. Strong steel cabinets with a high quality powder coating finish promote durability and security whilst being well-suited to protected environments like garages, sheds and other enclosed spaces.
Like to choose Australian made?

Rely on PowerPlus cabinets to protect your next system.

Solar Storage Batteries

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