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LiFe Premium Series

Reliable and Robust Lithium Batteries

Introducing our LiFe Premium series – a collection of Australian-made lithium batteries that are versatile to suit various applications. Whether it’s for residential, commercial, industrial, or telecommunication use, we’ve got you charged. Our Australian-made batteries are engineered to withstand even the harshest of environments, ensuring long-lasting and dependable performance for years to come.


CEC Listed LiFe4838P
Now Available!

We are excited to announce our new LiFe4838P battery is officially part of our products on offer. LiFe4838P has the same “Built to Simplify the Job” ethos you got to know and love.

Self-Managed Batteries

Each battery comes with a built-in self-managed Battery Management System BMS, designed to make them user-friendly and easily scalable. This means you can adjust and expand your energy needs without any hassle.
LiFe4838P angle PowerPlus Energy Australian Made Lithium Battery

NEW – LiFe4838P

3.8kWh Nominal Capacity

The LiFe4838P is our newest battery which offers a 15% capacity increase. It has the same chemistry and cylindrical structure as our previous lithium batteries, but includes a new BMS and newly designed advanced status indicator light. This allows for simplified fault-finding, reduced service calls, and faster repair times.

LiFe4833P angle PowerPlus Energy Australian Made Lithium Battery - web


3.3kWh Nominal Capacity

The LiFe4833P is our most popular and highly recommended battery. It’s ideal for off-grid and on-grid connected systems, lead acid replacements, rural farming, and remote systems, among other applications.

LiFe2433P PowerPlus-Energy-Australian-Made-Lithium-Battery


3.3kWh Nominal Capacity
If you’re looking for a premium choice for your smaller or existing 24V systems, our LiFe2433P is the perfect fit. It’s suitable for telecommunications and SCADA systems, tiny homes, caravans and motorhomes, and smaller solar systems.


2.2kWh Nominal Capacity
For shallow enclosures, our LiFe4822P is the best option. This 48V short-depth battery is ideal for telecommunications, repeater stations, industrial switchboards, and higher currents in small installations.


3.3kWh Nominal Capacity
Our LiFe12033P is a flexible and sustainable energy storage solution ideal for SWER line support or replacement, agricultural applications, and factories. As a bonus, the LiFe12033P is even compatible with Selectronic SP Pro.
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