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CEC Approved Lithium Battery Suited for a Wide Range of
On- and Off-Grid Applications


LiFe4838P has the same

ethos you know and love

Legacy LiFe4833P and Eco4840P batteries are here to stay! PowerPlus will continue to manufacture our existing products, supporting legacy installations and warranty commitments. 


We’re dedicated to enhancing your user experience by avoiding unnecessary complexity. Rather than overwhelming you with an array of features, we prioritise delivering reliable power that’s straightforward and user-friendly.


Confidence is at the core of our product. With a 10-year warranty, we’re demonstrating our commitment to quality and longevity. By minimising intricate BMS Controls, we’ve also reduced the potential points of failure, ensuring your peace of mind.


Unlike traditional systems that rely on CAN bus cables for inverter communication, ours takes a different path. This allows us to offer both AC and DC coupling. Focusing on voltage control provides flexibility to adapt and modify your systems as needed.


We’ve taken a measured approach by carefully selecting lithium cells with a track record of reliability. Rather than chasing the latest trends, we’ve chosen a deliberate path. Our selection of well-established lithium cells offers both reliability and a 15% capacity boost, ensuring a solution that’s built on a foundation of proven success.

New Self-Managed BMS

LiFe4838P batteries contain our Generation II BMS. A Self-Managed Battery Management System (BMS) is a system that controls and monitors various aspects of battery operation, such as charging, discharging, and temperature control. Self-Managed Batteries reduce the need for user intervention and ensure optimal battery performance.

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Advanced Status LED for
Diagnosing Easily

Our battery is equipped with an LED light that provides in-depth insights into the battery’s condition and performance. These advanced status indicator lights offer a comprehensive diagnostic toolkit that enables you to monitor and address a wide range of potential scenarios.

Ways to integrate LiFe4838P batteries into your projects

Create your own BESS

Use PowerPlus’ already assembled BESS solutions

A battery for a wide range of on and off-grid applications

Domestic Homes

Industrial Properties


Commercial Properties


Utility Scale

Telecom and Data

Farming & Agribusiness

Sport Facilities

Download LiFe4838P documentation to find out more

LiFe4838P Specification Sheet

LiFe4838P Warranty Statement

LiFe4838P Installation Manual

LiFe4838P Declaration of Compatible Inverters

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