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A Year in Review of PowerPlus Energy's Training Sessions​

PowerPlus Energy’s commitment to sustain installer development has led to an eventful year of training sessions and roadshows. As we look back, we are thrilled to share the highlights of these educational gatherings.

Connecting with Over 700 Enthusiastic Professionals

Throughout the year, our training sessions saw a remarkable turnout, with more than 700 eager individuals joining us to enhance their knowledge and skills in the ever-evolving energy sector. It is a privilege to connect with professionals who share our passion for sustainable energy solutions.

Over 25 Training Sessions Nationwide

This year, we conducted a total of 27 training sessions in various corners of Australia.

This extensive reach has allowed us to engage with energy professionals across the country, providing them with the tools to thrive in their careers.

Investing in Professional Growth: 25,000 CPD Points Awarded

  • 6 sessions in Victoria​
  • 3 sessions in the Northern Territory​
  • 9 sessions in New South Wales​
  • 5 sessions in Queensland​
  • 1 session in Tasmania​
  • 1 session in South Australia​
  • 2 sessions in Western Australia​

We are proud to have contributed to the professional development of attendees by providing them with a substantial 25,000 Continuing Professional Development (CPD) points. These points showcase the dedication energy professionals have to remain agile in industry.

Creating Sessions to be Enjoyed

Feedback from our valued attendees is a testament to the high standards we hold for training sessions. Participants expressed appreciation for the presentation quality, delivering valuable insights for their companies through an informative, non-sales pitch presentation with excellent technical content. The acknowledgment of the clarity and experience of trainer Simon Ceglinski further fuels our enthusiasm to continue delivering high-quality, impactful training sessions. These responses inspire us as we strive to resonate with and empower energy professionals.

Looking forward to the Coming Year

As we reflect on the year gone by, we are excited to continue our mission of supporting energy professionals through education and collaboration. Stay tuned for more exciting training sessions in the coming year, as we embark on another chapter of learning, growth, and innovation.

Thank you for being a part of our educational journey in 2023! We have many exciting plans in store for 2024, so stay tuned for what’s coming next.

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