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Escape20 BESS Deployment Across Australia

Since their formal release in mid-2023, PowerPlus Energy’s Escape20 BESS modules have taken a popular interest in the off-grid market, serving as the ultimate choice for those seeking an all-in-one solution designed for ease of installation and long-term reliability. This makes Escape20 units a great solution for areas with poor grid connections, SWER, or frequent blackouts.

PowerPlus Team on site with installed Escape20
Simon (Right) on site with installers

Successful Deployment Around Australia

As an Australian-made and engineered product, the Escape20 module unit stands at the top of the Escape Range, offering premium flexibility for installers in off-grid applications. Currently, over 20 Escape20 units have been successfully deployed and integrated into energy applications, totalling over 1.3MW of storage. These installations range from a resort island off the coast of South Australia to entire residential and farm backups across Victoria, New South Wales, and Queensland.

Over 20 Escape20 units have been successfully deployed, totalling over 1.3MW.

Designed and Built for Installers and End-Users

PowerPlus understands the importance for renewable solutions that safeguard your access to power, which is why the Escape20 system is unique for both installers and end-users. For installers, it not only means reduced installation times but also lowered Mean Time To Repair (MTTR) due to hot swappable components, remote monitoring, and its user-friendly design. With the option of one phase, two phase, three phase, split phases, an off the shelf expansion pack, it’s the ideal building block for setting up the desired energy storage system.
For end-users, it’s energy that “sits behind the meter,” as our Technical Training and Projects Manager, Simon Ceglinski explains. Being “technically a UPS,” there’s ease of integration because “it’s simply a load.” Additionally, there are future considerations for changing user demands, with the ability to AC and DC couple and scale the system up to 1MW and beyond with storage clusters.

Installing Batteries into Escape20
CEO Bradley (Middle) and team installing batteries into Escape20 system

A Collaborative Effort from Everyone

PowerPlus technical support and BESS engineer team members have each had the opportunity to get out of the office and into the field, partaking in the set up/commissioning of these first projects. 
Local and dependable support is a core value installers and customers have access to when they invest in a PowerPlus solution. It’s not just a sale; it’s a long-term relationship. Trung, a member of the BESS technical team on a recent trip interstate to Queensland, shared that “being able to tell your customers that they are now off-grid is one of the best feelings.” 
For Mehdi, our BESS Engineering Manager, it’s an opportunity to see firsthand systems in place and review areas where PowerPlus can continue to develop.
The design of a reliable interconnected system hosting hot-swappable inverters and batteries lent itself to leaning on existing partnerships with companies such as CE+T to ensure the success of each deployment. This was a positive outcome for both companies as each experienced the potential of products and people.

Being able to tell your customers that they are now off-grid is one of the best feelings.

Technical Support Team Commissioning Escape20 with Computer
BESS Technical Support, Trung on site comissioning Escape20

The Escape20 is an Australian-made all-in-one solution built with UPS functionality, so you can ensure uninterrupted power, sustaining economic, social and environmental activities throughout day and night.

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