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Energy Storage on the Worlds Largest Sand Island: K’Gari

Nestled in the hills of Orchid Beach on K’Gari, formerly Fraser Island, a two-bedroom home thrives with off-grid power that rivals city living. In 2010, Springers Solar were approached with the challenge of creating a comprehensive off-grid solution due to the inaccessibility of grid electricity on the secluded island. Springers Solar, in collaboration with the homeowners, crafted an innovative 24V off-grid solar and battery system. After over a decade of reliable service, the homeowners sought an upgrade in 2023 to incorporate newer technologies and future-proof their residence.

The call for an Upgrade

Springers Solar played a pivotal role in the success of this project. Their expertise, dedication, and collaborative approach ensured the initial system’s effectiveness and the seamless integration of advanced technologies in the recent upgrade.

Initial Off-Grid System (2010):

System Upgrade (2023):

Showcasing Sustainability and Efficiency

At the core of the Orchid Beach Off-Grid Power System are the PowerPlus Eco4840P Lithium Batteries, installed in a PowerPlus Slimline PEF12 IP54 wall cabinet. With a total lithium storage capacity of 40kWh, these batteries enable a daily withdrawal of up to 32kWh, ensuring consistent power supply. Their high-depth discharge capability provides a reliable power source for approximately five days during adverse weather conditions, enhancing system autonomy. The transition from wet cell to lithium technology signifies a significant advancement in energy storage, contributing to the system’s overall efficiency and reliability.

The Orchid Beach Off-Grid Power System stands as a testament to meticulous design and outstanding workmanship by Springers Solar. The upgraded system provides continuous access to solar energy, effectively powering the home day and night. This case study highlights the seamless integration of cutting-edge technologies, emphasizing the commitment to sustainability and long-term energy solutions.

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