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Little Cuttlefish Eco-Retreat: A Sustainable Luxury Getaway

Nestled on the eastern side of Kangaroo Island, ‘Little Cuttlefish‘ eco-retreat, a property maintained for 20 years stands as one of South Australia’s most breathtaking properties. This completely off-grid clifftop residence, designed by renowned South Australian architects Geoff Nairn and Tim Ross of Design Inc, spans 135 acres of coastal beauty. The challenge at hand was to enhance the existing standalone power system, which proved insufficient for the power demands of this stunning eco-retreat.

Little Cuttlefish’s existing standalone power system incorporated ground-mounted solar frames but required greater power capacity to meet the property’s power requirements. Aiming to preserve the existing infrastructure whilst upgrading the system, Off-Grid Energy devised an energy solution cased within a custom equipment enclosure.

Designing a Tailored Solution for Little Cuttlefish

This off-grid power system at Little Cuttlefish designed and installed by Off Grid Energy showcases the wealth of experience and commitment to sustainable practices the team have. Off Grid Energy ensured every component seamlessly integrated into the existing infrastructure, maximising the efficiency and reliability of the entire system.

Understanding the property’s energy demands was crucial. With an average summer demand of 41kWh, winter demand of 49kWh, and a demand surge of 11.5kW, the load analysis laid the foundation for a tailored solution.

The heart of the solution comprised a thoughtfully selected set of components:

  • Selectronic SPMC482 inverter/charger: A key element for managing the energy flow efficiently.​
  • PowerPlus Eco batteries (43.9kWh): The backbone of the system, providing reliable and sustainable energy storage.
  • Trina solar modules (22.41kW): Harnessing the power of the Australian sun.
  • Fronius Primo 5kW solar inverters: Ensuring optimal conversion of solar energy.
  • Selectronic Select.Live online remote monitoring: Real-time insights for efficient system management.
  • Automated high SOC Load Activation and Automated Low SOC Load Shedding: Ensuring the system adapts to the property’s dynamic energy needs seamlessly.

Eco Tourism: Little Cuttlefish’ ‘Green’ Living Experience

Eco-tourism is growing in popularity, this energy storage solution helps strengthen and align with the other sustainable elements considered in the design of this property. From strategically positioned windows for winter warming and summer cooling and breezes, rain tanks and floors heated from purpose grown gums it truly is an escape to experience whilst minimizing your ‘footprint’.

Powering Tranquillity: An Off-Grid Success Story

Little Cuttlefish, powered by our PowerPlus Eco4830P batteries, stands as a testament to the seamless integration of sustainable energy solutions with luxurious living. Guests can now enjoy the tranquillity of Kangaroo Island without compromise, surrounded by nature and supported by a reliable off-grid power system that preserves the environment and ensures uninterrupted enjoyment of this coastal paradise. The success of this project underscores our commitment to providing cutting-edge energy solutions for unique and environmentally conscious properties.

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