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McNamara Avenue Pharmacy’s On-Grid Solar and Battery Systems

Greenwood Solutions recently had the opportunity to work with Lachlan, the owner of McNamara Avenue Pharmacy in Airport West, Victoria. With medical supplies being an essential element of everyday life, Lachlan saw the value in greater energy security for his building complex. The goal was to ensure he could continue providing his services through blackouts or power failures, which are common in the area.

Reliable Blackout Protection

The system was designed with backup protection in mind, allowing Lachlan the freedom to continue offering his services even in the event of a mains power outage. The system can run vital loads, such as refrigerators, to ensure that the medical supplies stored in the pharmacy remain safe and effective.

The System

Greenwood Solutions proposed a complete solar and battery system with backup protection in mind. The system includes 9.36kW solar PV, 19.8kW battery storage, a 5kW Selectronic SPMC481 battery inverter, and a 5kW Fronius Primo solar inverter. The system also features six LiFe4833P 48VDC 3.3kWh LFP Battery Modules and 26 Canadian Solar 360W solar modules.

The system is supported by PowerPlus self-managed batteries, ensuring reliable and long-lasting power backup. The batteries are designed to be self-managed, meaning that they can optimise their performance and adapt to changing energy needs. This lets Lachlan know that his pharmacy is appropriately fitted out with reliable power backup.

The new solar and battery system provides McNamara Avenue Pharmacy greater energy security, ensuring that medical supplies remain safe and effective even during power outages. The system also helps to reduce energy costs and increase the pharmacy’s energy independence.

Overall, the McNamara Avenue Pharmacy on-grid solar and battery system is an excellent example of how solar and battery systems can provide energy security for essential businesses. With the help of Greenwood Solutions and PowerPlus Batteries, McNamara Avenue Pharmacy can continue providing essential services to the community, even during power outages.

The case study highlights the importance of energy security for essential businesses like pharmacies. In a power outage, medical supplies can be compromised, risking people’s health. By investing in solar and battery systems, businesses can ensure reliable power backup and continue to provide essential services to the community. The PowerPlus self-managed batteries are an excellent example of how battery technology can optimise performance and adapt to changing energy needs, ensuring reliable and long-lasting power backup.

Finally, the McNamara Avenue Pharmacy on-grid solar and battery system is a great example of how businesses can invest in energy security to protect the community’s health and safety.

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