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Off-Grid Battery Upgrade with PowerPlus Energy Batteries in Karuah Upper, NSW

In the idyllic hills of Karuah Upper, New South Wales, a residence powered by an off-grid battery system faced a major hurdle. The aging battery bank, installed in 1992, had undergone several upgrades. However, a cell drop in the last battery bank of 1600 Amp hours in mid-2021 prompted an urgent need for an off-grid battery upgrade. Midac, a trusted installer, stepped in to deliver an innovative solution that revived the residence’s reliable backup power with PowerPlus Energy Batteries.

An Off-Grid Power Upgrade

Midac’s off-grid battery upgrade solution centred on installing a cabinet of PowerPlus Energy batteries, with the potential to expand with another cabinet of eight batteries if required. The upgraded system now comprises 15kW of Solar PV and 36kWh Battery Storage, ensuring the residence has plenty of backup power to weather through extended periods of low daylight or power outages.

Solar panels and Battery Enclosure

The System

The battery storage consists of 8 x ECO4840P 48VDC 4.0kWh LFP Battery Modules that can withstand various environmental challenges while ensuring that the residence remains operational.

Additionally, the 60 x 250W solar modules, placed strategically to capture maximum sunlight, now power the upgraded battery system. The system also includes 1 x Selectronic SPMC482 7.5kW SP PRO Battery Inverter2 x Kaco 6.6kW Solar Inverters, delivering efficiency and effectiveness in equal measure.

Midac’s careful preparation and coordination made for a quick and painless update of the off-grid battery system. Careful attention was paid throughout installation, and the client was given the tools they needed to perform routine upkeep and troubleshooting in the future.

The update to the off-grid batteries has had a significant effect on people’s day-to-day lives by providing dependable backup power and decreasing reliance on fossil fuels.

Finally, Midac’s innovative off-grid battery upgrade with PowerPlus Energy Batteries has revived the residents’ reliable backup power, delivering a solution that efficiently and sustainably meets their needs. The potential for renewable energy to meet the modern home’s needs is significant, and Midac’s solution exemplifies this potential. With the off-grid battery upgrade solution, the residence in Karuah Upper, New South Wales, is poised to enjoy uninterrupted, efficient, and sustainable energy for years to come.

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