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Efforts to Support Papua New Guinea’s Energy Goals

In a recent visit to Papua New Guinea (PNG) for the Port Moresby Chamber of Commerce ‘Innovation PNG 2023’ conference. PowerPlus Energy discussed opportunities to enhance energy security for grid-connected customers and strengthen access to power for a country that estimates only 20% of the population has (Trading Economics 2023). This event provided a space for PNG’s wider business and Government community to engage with the best innovators from PNG and abroad. Additionally, PowerPlus Energy had the honour of sponsoring the Small Business Award during the Gala Awards segment.

Addressing Energy Challenges

The country, with over 800 dialects and diverse cultures, faces the challenge of delivering consistent power due to regular blackouts, brownouts, and grid fluctuations. Colleagues Shane Pollard (General Manager) and Simon Ceglinski (Major Projects) participated in extensive discussions with engineers and Government patrons from PNG Power Ltd (PPL) the Government authority who owns and operates all electricity generating/distribution services and is the sole retailer of electricity throughout PNG. The team focused on innovative solutions, particularly energy storage systems, to enhance electricity reliability and contribute to the nation’s development.

Understanding the Benefits of Energy Security

Reliable power transforms communities, fosters business growth and improves access to healthcare and education. Local businesses in PNG welcomed our initiatives, recognising the positive impact stable power supply can have.

Some of these benefits can include but are not restricted to:

  • Saving on Energy Costs: Energy storage minimises the need for alternative power sources such as diesel generators saving time and money on fuel, maintenance and running time.
  • Power Access for All: Where grid extension is too expensive energy storage helps not only power rugged/isolated areas but builds quality of life.
  • Power all the time: Ensure businesses, homes and critical infrastructure doesn’t suffer from blackouts and additional power interruptions.
  • Disaster Resilience: In the event of a natural disaster, backup power can be provided to emergency services.
  • Cultural Understanding and Preservation: Maintaining traditions with energy storage reduces deforestation for lighting and cooking fuel, harmonising environment, and cultural practices.

Reliable power transforms communities, fosters business growth and improves access to healthcare and education.

Expertise and Dedication to Offer

With expertise in energy storage solutions, PowerPlus is positioned to make a lasting difference in PNG. Our commitment to design-aware solutions for different environments is why our Escape20 BESS solutions were presented. They offer redundancy, reliability, UPS functionality, scalability, and suitability for remote or built areas. The event was a success with over 15 promising leads ranging from telecommunication providers, Government departments, provincial Government leadership and businesses.

The Significance of Reliable Power

In conclusion, our journey in PNG reinforces the significance of reliable power in transforming lives and communities. The diversity of the country serves as a reminder that our work is important for many of our existing customers, we are their energy provider, its big responsibility and something to be proud of. As we approach the festive season break, let’s carry the spirit of empowerment into the new year, knowing that each of us plays a crucial role in this impactful journey.

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