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Powering the Unreachable Remote Communication Sites – backup power with Battery Energy Storage System

Apex Energy Australia has designed and installed a remarkable containerized Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) that provides immediate backup power to remote communication sites. The system includes PowerPlus Energy Batteries and is designed to be used off-grid, ensuring that communication sites remain operational even during extended power outages.

Backup Power with a Battery Energy Storage System

The System

The system installed by Apex Energy Australia is located at a remote communication site in South Australia. This location presents a unique challenge as it is far from the electricity grid and vulnerable to extreme weather conditions.

The BESS system comprises 4.1kW Solar PV and 24.0kWh Battery Storage, making it capable of providing immediate backup power to the site. The battery storage consists of 6 x ECO4840P 48VDC 4.0kWh LFP Battery Modules. These batteries provide ample backup power to keep the site operational during extended periods of low sunlight.

PowerPlus Energy Lithium Batteries

The solar panels used in the system are 10 x Canadian Solar 410W Solar Modules. These panels were carefully placed to capture the maximum amount of sunlight available. The system also includes 3 x Selectronic SP PRO SPMC481 5.0kW Battery Inverters and 1 x Fronius 3Phase Symo 5.0kW Solar Inverter. These components work together seamlessly to ensure the system is efficient and effective.

A 35kVA 3Phase Diesel Generator is included just in case there are any power outages. This guarantees that the site will continue to function even if there is a power outage or any other electric fault.

With meticulous precision, Apex Energy Australia expertly installed the system. The team’s careful planning and cooperation resulted in a flawless system installation.

The impact of the BESS (Battery Energy Storage System) system has been remarkable. The remote communication site now has access to immediate backup power, ensuring it can remain operational even during extended power outages. This ensures that the community has access to vital communication services, which can be critical during emergencies or extreme weather conditions.

Finally, the BESS (Battery Energy Storage System) system installed by Apex Energy Australia, with PowerPlus Energy Batteries on board, has significantly impacted the remote communication site in South Australia. The installation was performed meticulously, guaranteeing that the system would function well and be simple to maintain and repair. During prolonged blackouts or harsh weather, the BESS system’s backup power has kept the community online and running smoothly. This system’s efficiency and effectiveness have reinforced renewable energy’s promise to supply even the most out-of-the-way villages.

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