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PowerPlus Energy Showcases What Australian Manufacturing Looks Like

Our recent factory tours marked a significant milestone for PowerPlus Energy, and the response was overwhelmingly positive. Led by our CEO, Bradley, the tours offered an in-depth look into the various aspects of our operations. From the engineering team to the beginning of PowerPlus batteries, the tours provided a comprehensive understanding of our collective efforts. Shedding light on cell procurement, the intricacies of our Battery Management Systems (BMS), and the momentum we’re making through in-house product development.

The warehouse segment brought an unexpected touch of humour, courtesy of Bradley’s infamous parrot joke. Bradley walked them through the exhaustive safety measures in place that underscore our commitment to quality, emphasising the checklists, approvals, and rigorous testing each component undergoes before becoming an integral part of our batteries.

Cleanliness, efficiency, and a commitment to Australian-made components were key takeaways from the tours. Our staff showcased the care they put into their work, contributing to the overall cleanliness of our facility. The pride in using Australian materials reinforces our commitment to supporting local industries. This transparency had a profound impact, reinforcing the trust our visitors place in the PowerPlus Energy brand.

Genuine surprise occurred when participants realised the extent of our involvement in the manufacturing process and how much we actually do. With not only assembling the batteries and cabinets in-house, but also down to the crimping of every lug and ferrule, including stripping and heat shrinking each of our components. This decision sheds light on what Australian made truly represents and shows that the badge we wear is met with honest business practices.

Positive feedback flooded in post-tours, and we extend our gratitude to everyone involved in making the event a success. From the sales team facilitating the tours to those capturing event footage and maintaining the pristine state of our workplace, each contribution played a vital role.

The tours affirmed a crucial message: PowerPlus Energy is not just a company; we are genuinely Australian designed, made, and manufactured. One visitor encapsulated this sentiment:

I know a lot of different people at PowerPlus who I can call, but I don’t know anyone at other manufacturers I use.

This feedback echoes the value our customers place on the relationships and support we offer. It’s not just about products; it’s about the relationships built. Many of our customers appreciate the familiar faces they can connect with at PPE, emphasizing the trust created through transparent communication.

As we reflect on the success over the four tours letting close to 60 installers through our doors, we eagerly anticipate more opportunities to showcase the intricacies of PowerPlus Energy and the journey ahead.

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