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PowerPlus Energy Welcomes Australian Government’s National Battery Strategy

PowerPlus Energy, Australia’s largest manufacturer of lithium-ion batteries and Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS). As a proud Australian owned and made company we welcome the recent announcement of the National Battery Strategy by the Australian Federal Government. The strategy, aimed at strengthening Australia’s battery manufacturing capabilities, aligns perfectly with our mission to support the country’s transition to clean energy through easy to integrate and support, Australian energy storage.

Bradley Paton, CEO and founder of PowerPlus Energy, provided the following comments:

“As a manufacturer of Australian-made BESS’ and modular batteries with a production facility in Melbourne and a dedicated team across the country, we are thrilled by the government’s commitment to developing the local battery industry. This strategy not only highlights the importance of energy storage in achieving net-zero targets but also underscores the potential for significant economic growth and job creation within the sector.

As leaders in Australian battery technology, we are excited by the potential of the Battery Breakthrough Initiative and its commitment to production-linked incentives that we hope will provide support for Australian manufacturers such as PowerPlus Energy, and our local supply-chains.”

PowerPlus Energy looks forward to collaborating with both State and Federal Governments to meet Australia’s clean energy goals. Our team is dedicated to leveraging our advanced technology and expertise to contribute to a sustainable and secure energy future for Australia.

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