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PowerPlus Releases Issue 2 of their Latest Staff Magazine: Currents

After an amazing response to our magazine debut earlier in the year, we are thrilled to be back with our Second Issue of Currents. It is more than a just a magazine; it’s a journey through the current progress, innovation, and community at PowerPlus. Designed to foster an inclusive cross-department environment, these pages are dedicated to sharing the happenings within our organisation.

In the heart of this issue lies a celebration of our team’s collective achievements. Learn more about our company, the individuals shaping our success, and the remarkable path we’ve undertaken. This magazine serves as a captivating window into the world of PowerPlus where every achievement becomes a testament to our shared success. Within these pages, you’ll not only discover the stories that define our collective journey but also get acquainted with the latest additions to our PowerPlus family.

Currents is not just about individual successes; it’s about the collaborative spirit that propels us forward.

  • Reflect on the milestones achieved through our training sessions, emphasising our continuous learning culture.
  • Relive the excitement of our participation at All Energy, where we showcased our commitment to sustainable energy solutions.
  • Gain insights into our initiatives to support Papua New Guinea’s journey towards achieving its power goals. Beyond borders, we extend our expertise and support to communities striving for a more sustainable and energy-efficient future.

Delve into the intricacies of our solutions in the case study section of Currents. Explore transformative journeys from the factory to the world’s largest sand island, K’Gari, and to the clifftop eco-retreat, ‘Little Cuttlefish.’ These case studies not only highlight the versatility and effectiveness of PowerPlus technologies but also underscore our unwavering commitment to sustainable energy solutions across diverse environments.

Thank you for being an integral part of the PowerPlus community. Here’s to the continued exploration of the currents that bind us together.

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