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Reflect on Smart Energy moments with our Staff

Grace – Senior Design & Marketing Coordinator

It is a rewarding milestone to see an event come together after all the preparations and meetings in the lead up, but more so seeing the team catch up and work together to make it the successful event it was. It would be remiss of me not to mention the standout of the event being the numerous Akubra hats you’d see moving about the hall and witness the smiles, comments, and reactions from visitors as they go “oh you’re from the battery company!” or attending an after-event and spotting your colleagues within seconds because you’re the only ones wearing hats after dark!

With a small team it gave my colleague, Sofia and I the chance to meet marketing representatives of our partners and by the end of the week my need of a long restorative nap symbolises the events success. Huge thank you to everyone who helped along the way!

Edwin – Senior Sales Engineer

PowerPlus Energy returned once again to the Smart Energy Expo but this time were different. This time we had hats! As an Australian company priding ourselves on an Australian ethos it made sense that we would make an offer involving a free Australian-made Akubra for installers opting to ‘look the part on site!’.

Australian content and our onshore manufacturing well and truly captured the attention of not only the public, but big business and government with Chris Bowens and Tim Ayers making an appearance on the stand. Being placed in a high traffic location at the Expo meant the team experienced high attendance numbers, keeping us on our toes!

The team at PowerPlus Energy will be back next year at Smart Energy and I personally can’t wait!

Rick – Queensland BDM

Another year of Smart Energy and it kicked off with an impressive stand set up and clear message to the audience. With a strong product mix catering to both residential (Slimline Range) and C&I (Escape20) it gave me the chance to discuss varied project opportunities with people across different industry sectors. And Akubra’s. What more can be said. This was a fantastic promotional concept so credit to the marketing team. People loved the idea, and I am sure it will be well supported. Bringing two great Australian brands together works nicely and represents our core values as a company succinctly.

All in all, it was a long few days, but with the occasional rest and sit down thanks to the stand having plenty of comfy seats, the team managed to make it through maintaining smiles right until pack up. As always there are small areas to improve that I look forward to seeing eventuate at the next event. See you there!

Simon – Technical Support & Projects Manager

Smart Energy was a whirlwind of constant happenings! between Edwin and I manning the Supply Partners stand and engaging with existing partners like Greentech, DPA, Middy’s, RFI, and BayWa, plus chatting with new prospects, my throat soothing eucalyptus lozenges ran low fast.

Highlighting the Solis S6 inverter for the first time in Australia was a milestone, alongside collaborative efforts with Selectronic, Fronius, Solar Analytics, and CatchPower to enhance customer support. Our sales support and marketing endeavors, including content creation, further set the event up to be one full of success and enjoyment. Now onto the training events and roadshows!

Karl – New South Wales BDM

One of the highlights for me was the diversity of visitors we attracted. It was encouraging to see a mix of our regular off-grid customers, alongside engineers from the utility sector, and developers interested in our larger BESS solutions. Meeting face-to-face with customers from regional NSW who brought their entire teams to the expo was particularly rewarding when we could guide them through our product range in person and gather insight into their needs and preferences. And, I may be biased but I think the stand was one of the best looking at the show, with the fresh imagery and lighting.

One of the highlights for me was the diversity of visitors we attracted.

Yahan (New South Wales BDM)

What a week! Such a fun and rewarding time we had this year at Smart Energy – being able to showcase our latest products, catching up with customers and partners face to face, and most importantly knowing there is a lot of support out there for an Australian manufacturer. All these just reflect that our hard work is being seen and recognised by the community.

Can’t wait to see where this year will take us to and we can recap over this at Smart Energy 2025!

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