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Upgrading an Off-Grid Solar Battery System for Reliable Residential Power

Mackies Electrical recently had the opportunity to upgrade an off-grid solar battery system for an award-winning residential property in Hannam Vale, NSW, on the Mid-North Coast. The property was purchased in 2020, and the existing ten-year-old off-grid solar battery system required an upgrade to suit the power requirements of the new owner.

Battery System Replacement with an Upgrade

The original system comprised a 24 Volt Selectronic SA32 inverter, and 1000Ah flooded lead-acid batteries. However, the system needed to be upgraded with a swimming pool, air conditioning, and a shed. Mackies Electrical was approached to design and install a new system to meet the new owner’s energy requirements.

The System

The new system is specifically designed to cater to the planned expansion, with a total system size of 8.9kW PV and 40kWh battery storage. The battery storage consists of ten PowerPlus ECO4840P modules, while almost 9kW of solar panels are used to charge the batteries. The system also includes a 7.5kW Selectronic SP Pro battery inverter and a Fronius 8.2kW solar inverter.

The new system is over four times the size of the original system, providing the homeowner with reliable power for many years to come. The homeowner can now enjoy modern conveniences like air conditioning and a swimming pool while remaining off-grid. Mackies Electrical and PowerPlus are dedicated to providing ongoing local support to ensure the system continues operating efficiently and reliably. Local support is essential to the installation as it helps homeowners maintain their systems and troubleshoot any issues. The case study highlights the importance of upgrading an off-grid system to meet the changing energy requirements of a homeowner. With the addition of modern conveniences like a swimming pool and air conditioning, the original system was no longer sufficient to meet the homeowner’s needs. The new system provides reliable power for the new homeowner’s needs and future-proofs the system for additional energy requirements. The new system also highlights the importance of choosing high-quality battery storage modules. The PowerPlus Eco 4840P modules provide the homeowner with high-quality, reliable energy storage, ensuring that the system can provide consistent power over the life of the batteries. Overall, the Hannam Vale residential off-grid system upgrade is an excellent example of how an off-grid system can be upgraded to meet changing energy requirements. The new system is reliable and efficient, providing homeowners with the desired modern conveniences. With ongoing local support from Mackies Electrical and PowerPlus, homeowners can rest assured that their systems will continue operating efficiently and reliably for many years.

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