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What a Great Start to 2024 it has been for PowerPlus!

Reflecting on the successes of 2023 fills us with pride – from the LiFe4838P battery release (congratulations, engineering team!) to the completion of multiple BESS projects, and the remarkable growth of our BESS department (Well done, BESS team!). With such momentum from the previous year, we’re ready for an exceptional 2024.

Already, the first few months have been bustling with meticulous planning, setting the stage for a monumental year ahead. We’re thrilled about the array of upcoming events, including our SEIA Sponsorship events and a newly developed training pack, meaning new training sessions. Smart Energy 2024 marked our first major event of the year and was met with resounding success; we’re eagerly looking forward to the achievements that lie ahead.
On the marketing front, anticipation builds for the launch of exciting new merchandise. We’re kicking things off with revamped versions of old favourites, starting with our eagerly awaited fasty straps sporting our fresh branding.
Looking ahead, sustainability remains a focus for us in 2024. We’re committed to making our factory operations more sustainable, with plans underway to install solar panels and utilize our own batteries. Redesigning our packaging that not only incorporates our new branding but also priorities Eco-friendly materials, advancing our journey towards sustainable manufacturing. Furthermore, we’re investing in production upgrades and enhancing our testing capabilities.
The excitement doesn’t end there; we’re eagerly anticipating the debut of our conceptual design, the PEF4 cabinets, later this year. Meanwhile, our BESS team is hard at work developing an exciting range of new products, details of which we can’t wait to unveil.
Lastly, we extend a heartfelt thank you to every member of our dedicated team for their commitment to our goals in 2024. With this dedication, who knows what surprises the year may hold – maybe even the introduction of a new battery 😉

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