Eco P Series

MEET Eco4840P

Our Eco lithium batteries are suitable for numerous applications ranging from residential, industrial, commercial, and telecommunication. Australian designed and made, this battery series is best for less demanding applications.

Reliable Power long into the future.

Australian made and owned.

The Safe Lithium Battery


Our entry level battery offering value for money without impacting on quality or reliability

Some applications include:

Inbuilt Self-Managing BMS

Each battery runs independently of one another with the inbuilt battery management system (BMS) protecting the system. When one battery needs to protect itself, the remaining batteries will continue to operate at normal capacity.

Installation Flexibility

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51.2V Nominal DC Voltage

4.0kWh Nominal Capacity

39A Continuous Discharge Current

>96% Efficiency

Battery can be discharged from full to empty in 2 hours

Industry Standard 19" Rack or Cabinet Mount

*We are committed to the continual development and improvement of our products and as a result these specifications are subject to change.

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Document Downloads

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Eco P Series Brochure

Eco P Series Specifications

Eco P Series Installation Manual

Eco Premium Warranty Statement

LiFe and Eco Series – AS:NZS5139-2017 Section 6 STMNT V4

Safety Data Sheet

Life & Eco Series SP Pro Settings

Life & Eco Series Outback Settings

LiFe & Eco Series SMA Settings

LiFe & Eco Series Plasmatronics Settings

LiFe & Eco Series Victron Settings

LiFe & Eco Series Schneider Settings

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