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Integrating PowerPlus into Dynamic AC and DC Energy Systems

One of the reasons PowerPlus batteries and solutions stand out is because of their versatility in AC and DC energy system configurations, offering a solution that can be tailored to almost any project. Whether it’s AC coupling, DC coupling, or a combination of both, PowerPlus products seamlessly integrate into on- and off-grid systems.

AC coupling enables direct utilisation of solar-generated power for home consumption, reducing reliance on batteries and extending their operational lifespan. By storing excess solar energy generated in the batteries, homeowners gain power security, ensuring access to energy during periods of low solar generation or power outages

In contrast, DC coupling, supported by solar charge controllers featuring “Black-Start” recovery, facilitates battery revival during extended blackouts. This capability ensures seamless system restarts using solar power after overnight shutdowns. A DC coupled system is useful in remote locations where accessibility is difficult.

Moreover, our batteries uniquely support simultaneous AC and DC coupling—a feature uncommon among lithium batteries. Thanks to our Battery Management System (BMS) found within each battery, which operates autonomously, managing power input from various sources without interruption, you can set up an energy system specific to project needs.

Opt for Australian-made products and discover more about our BESS and battery solutions.

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