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LiFe Premium P Series

Simple in nature, our premium series elevates any project looking for extended battery life, and premium charging and discharging capabilities.
AC and DC coupled system friendly our premium Australian lithium batteries are equipped with an in-built BMS allowing them to easily integrate into many environments in a wide range of applications.
LiFe2433P LiFe4833P LiFe4822P LiFe12033P
Nominal DC Voltage 25.6V 51.2V 128.0V
Operational Voltage Window 20V to 29.2V 40V to 58.4V (110V) / 123.2V to 146V
Nominal Capacity 3.3KWh (3.277) / 128Ah 3.3KWh (3.277) / 64Ah 2.2kWh (2.211) / 43Ah 3.3KWh (3.277) / 25.6Ah
Usable Capacity 3.3kWh (3.277) 3.3kWh (3.277) 2.2kWh (2.211) 2.97kWh (2.95)
Recommended Usable Capacity 2.64kWh 2.64kWh 1.76kWh 2.64kWh
Depth of Discharge Up to 100% Up to 90%
Recommended Depth of Discharge 80% or less
Continuous Discharge C-Rate 0.5C (C2) 1C (C1)
Continuous Discharge current 63A 63A 43A 25A
Continuous Discharge Power 1.61kW 3.22kW 2.20kW 3.20kW
Maximum Discharge (Limited by K-Curve Circuit Breaker) (Refer manual for circuit breaker characteristics) 63A* (1.61kW) 63A* (3.22kW) 63A* (3.22kW) 25A* (3.20kW)
Maximum Charge Current 63A 63A 63A 25A
Warrantable Charge Current 63A 32A 21.5A 12.8A
Warrantable Charge Power 1.61kW 1.63kW 1.10kW 1.63kW
Prospective Fault Current (1ms) 250A 110A
Circuit Breaker (k Curve) 2-Pole 63A 360VDC 2-Pole 25A 360VDC
Lithium Composition Lithium Ferro Phosphate (LiFeP04 or LFP)
Operating Temperature Range Charge: 0° to 55°C / Discharge -20° to 60°C
Ideal Operating Temperature Range 0 to 45°C
Operating Humidity 85% Non Condensating
BMS Over-Volt Cell Level Protection 3.9V/Cell 3.7V/Cell Average
BMS Under-Volt Cell Level Protection 2.0V/Cell Soft Shut down 3.08V/ Cell Hard Shut down 2.75V/ Cell
BMS Over-Temp Cut Off 65°C 55°C Charge 60°C Discharge
BMS Max Trip Current 200A 100A
Self Discharge 14% Per Annum
Altitude < 2000m (seek manufacturers advice above 2000m)
Battery Mounting Options Standard 19” Rack Mount / Horizontal / Vertical
Terminal Connections Amphenol Surlok 100A Non Keyed
IP Rating IP40
Efficiency >96%
Cooling Natural convection
Parallel Connection Unlimited - Refer Manufacturer
Series Connection Not Permitted
Alarm Output Normally Closed. Volt free, 200mA 60V Max
Communications Alarm Output Battery Performance data via PowerLink Data device +Alarm output
Module Weight 41kg 30kg 41kg
Battery Dimensions 635mm D x 434mm W x 88mm H 420mm D x 434mm W x 88mm H 635mm D x 434mm W x 88mm H
Arc Flash Incident Energy IEm in Cal/cm2 (45cm) 0.25 0.36 0.36 0.54
Arc Flash Incident Energy AFB in cm 20.45 24.45 24.45 30.19
Certifications Pending IEC: 62619:2017, UN38.3, EMC Pending IEC: 62619:2017, UN38.3, EMC Pending Pending IEC: 62619:2017,
Warranty 10 Years (Conditions apply)
Connected PCE Programming Requirements
Shutdown DC Voltage @0.5C 24.0V 48.0v 123.75V
Shutdown Voltage Recommended 25.1V 50.2V 125.5V
Recovery / Restart Voltage 26V 52V 130v
Continuous Charge Voltage 28.8v 57.6v 142v
Continuous Charge Transition Battery is considered full after battery is absorbing less than 1% of maximum charge current after being held at specified charge voltage for 30minutes minimum.
Float Voltage Cyclic (Short Term Float) (Example Solar Application) 28.8v 57.6v 142v
Float Voltage Standby (Long Term Float) (Example UPS Application) 27.2v to 28v 54.4V to 56V 140V
Charge Current 63A 32A 21.5A/td> 12.8A
Peukert Exponent 1.02
Shutdown SoC Recommended 20%
Calibration to 100% Every 7 days or more frequent where possible. (Ensures cell balancing is performed & keeps external SoC counter more accurate)

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