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St. Teresa Hospital Strengthens Power Security with Help from Mode Electrical

Amidst the turmoil of civil war and suffering, there’s a ray of hope shining at St. Teresa Hospital in Nzara, South Sudan. Started by Italian nuns over 60 years ago, this hospital has been a sanctuary of care, especially during the ongoing conflict.

In a country where millions have been left displaced and in dire need, St. Teresa Hospital has been a steadfast refuge. It’s a place where doctors and nurses work tirelessly, treating everything from malaria and HIV/AIDS to leprosy and other serious illnesses.

A Haven for Young Lives

During the malaria season from June to October, the hospital faces even greater challenges. Many vulnerable children, with weakened immune systems, fall victim to this disease. The hospital’s resources are stretched thin, and funding for malaria drugs becomes a crucial lifeline.

The hospital’s Pediatric Ward, a 70-bed haven, has played a crucial role in reducing infant mortality rates. Last year alone, over 5,400 children, with nearly 3,600 under five years old, received care here. The Sisters who run the hospital remain determined, ensuring that no one in need is turned away.

Collaboration and Empowerment: A Collective Story of Impact

But amid the challenges, there’s a story of collaboration and empowerment. Friends of St. Teresa Nzara, in partnership with Mode Electrical and generous contributors like PowerPlus Energy, Selectronic Australia, Fronius Australia, and the public raising over $450,000 have made a significant difference. This is the third containerized system Mode Electrical have provided South Sudan. With the existing reliable power, the opportunity for hospital expansion has pushed the system beyond its limits and have now installed a new solar power plant, donated and built by themselves, to reinstate reliable energy for the hospital.

This isn’t just about electricity; it’s about progress and saving lives. With this solar power plant, the hospital can expand, bring in more medical equipment, and provide better care. The solar power plant, made up of 60 Eco4840P batteries and three PIR20C cabinets, symbolizes a brighter future for the hospital and its patients.

This isn’t just about electricity; it’s about progress and saving lives.

PowerPlus' Commitment to Impactful Projects

In a land overshadowed by conflict, St. Teresa Hospital shines as a beacon of resilience and compassion. It’s a reminder that even in the toughest times, simple acts of kindness and teamwork can bring light to the darkest corners. Every battery, every cabinet, and every ounce of support has contributed to a place of healing and hope in Nzara, South Sudan.

Supporting meaningful projects is close to heart for PowerPlus, to see this project unfold is reassuring as to the difference energy storage support makes and how far our impact can go for people and communities.

Watch more about their story below!

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