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Single battery cabinets in multiphase inverter arrangements

Traditional inverter/charger manufacturers all have a multiplication rule to increase cable, over-current protection, and points of isolation sizes when using multiple inverters in the one installation.
In Australia and New Zealand this is further discussed in ASNZS5139:2019. These requirements may also include ingress protection requirements.
PowerPlus Energy offer the below example to assist with systems design.
The underlying intent is to provide not only compliance, but the ability to use reasonability priced equipment, however, this may vary depending on your country, region, or supplier.
Suggested Equipment:
Inverter point of isolation
Noark MCCB in an IP56 enclosure or similar
Victron Lynx Power In Busbar or similar
System over-current protection
HRC blade fuses in a IP23 enclosure or MCCB in an IP56 enclosure

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