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A Year in Review of PowerPlus Energy’s Training Sessions

A Year in Review of PowerPlus Energy’s Training Sessions PowerPlus Energy’s commitment to sustain installer development has led to an eventful year of training sessions and roadshows. As we look back, we are thrilled to share the highlights of these educational gatherings. Connecting with Over 700 Enthusiastic Professionals Throughout the year, our training sessions saw […]

Little Cuttlefish Eco-Retreat: A Sustainable Luxury Getaway

Nestled on the eastern side of Kangaroo Island, ‘Little Cuttlefish‘ eco-retreat, a property maintained for 20 years stands as one of South Australia’s most breathtaking properties. This completely off-grid clifftop residence, designed by renowned South Australian architects Geoff Nairn and Tim Ross of Design Inc, spans 135 acres of coastal beauty. The challenge at hand […]

PowerPlus Releases Issue 2 of their Latest Staff Magazine: Currents

After an amazing response to our magazine debut earlier in the year, we are thrilled to be back with our Second Issue of Currents. It is more than a just a magazine; it’s a journey through the current progress, innovation, and community at PowerPlus. Designed to foster an inclusive cross-department environment, these pages are dedicated […]

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