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Efforts to Support Papua New Guinea’s Energy Goals

In a recent visit to Papua New Guinea (PNG) for the Port Moresby Chamber of Commerce ‘Innovation PNG 2023’ conference. PowerPlus Energy discussed opportunities to enhance energy security for grid-connected customers and strengthen access to power for a country that estimates only 20% of the population has (Trading Economics 2023). This event provided a space […]

Energy Storage on the Worlds Largest Sand Island: K’Gari

Nestled in the hills of Orchid Beach on K’Gari, formerly Fraser Island, a two-bedroom home thrives with off-grid power that rivals city living. In 2010, Springers Solar were approached with the challenge of creating a comprehensive off-grid solution due to the inaccessibility of grid electricity on the secluded island. Springers Solar, in collaboration with the […]

PowerPlus Energy Showcases What Australian Manufacturing Looks Like

Our recent factory tours marked a significant milestone for PowerPlus Energy, and the response was overwhelmingly positive. Led by our CEO, Bradley, the tours offered an in-depth look into the various aspects of our operations. From the engineering team to the beginning of PowerPlus batteries, the tours provided a comprehensive understanding of our collective efforts. […]

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