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Discover The Future of Energy

Where Reliability Meets Flexibility

Consider a world where energy storage effectively meets your requirements. Think a world of advanced energy solutions.

Unearth More About LiFe4838P Today!

Introducing LiFe4838P: The Battery You've Been Waiting For

Curious to know what sets LiFe4838P apart? Wondering if batteries can be more practical?

Discover how LiFe4838P represents what we, as a company strive for, from quality to reliability, to long-term durability. This battery simplifies your choice.

Why Choose Australian-Made?

Shouldn’t you trust in locally crafted excellence for your energy solutions? With LiFe4838P, you’re not just choosing a battery. You’re choosing the Australian seal of excellence, commitment, and durability.

Built for the Now and the Next

No one likes limitations. Our LiFe4838P battery is rooted in the “built to simplify the job” ethos, evolving with you, ensuring you never feel boxed in.

The LiFe4838P battery is rooted in the "built to simplify the job" ethos, evolving with you, ensuring you never feel boxed in.

Integration Made Easy with LiFe4838P

Choosing the right battery is just half the battle, but integrating it seamlessly is where our battery excels. LiFe4838P provides you options when it comes to flexible installation.

Create Your Own BESS: For those with a knack for custom solutions, create your very own battery energy storage system. Flex your skills and make LiFe4838P truly yours.

Or Choose PowerPlus’ BESS: Prefer a ready-made solution? Trust in PowerPlus’ pre-assembled BESS. Top-notch quality, zero hassles.

More Than Just a Battery
Hot Swappable: Ever needed to service or expand a battery system without disrupting the entire setup? We’ve got you covered. Our hot-swappable feature allows for hassle-free module replacement or expansion, ensuring minimal downtime during maintenance or upgrades. Installers, say goodbye to system interruptions.
Self-Managed BMS Protection: Our self-managed BMS ensures your battery charges, discharges, and controls its temperature, all without lifting a finger.

Advanced Status Indicator LED: Our advanced LED’s do just that, offering insights into the battery’s condition and performance. It’s your battery’s way of saying, “Hey, here’s how I’m doing!”

Alarm Output: Stay ahead of any issues. Our alarm output integrates seamlessly with various monitoring systems, ensuring you’re notified the moment there’s a hiccup. You’re always in the loop, with visual indicators for real time updates.
A Badge of Trust: CEC Approved

CEC approval isn’t just any badge. It’s a badge that provides you with even more integration options to install LiFe4838P in both on-grid and off-grid applications. A battery designed with all your projects in mind is a battery worth relying on.

A battery designed with all your projects in mind is a battery worth relying on.

Benefits Beyond Your Imagination
Enhanced Simplicity: We’re all about improving user experience through simplicity. Instead of overwhelming you with a multitude of features, we prioritize delivering reliable power solutions that are user-friendly and straightforward.
Reliability is Our Foundation: Our products are built on a foundation of confidence. We back our commitment to quality and longevity with a generous 10-year warranty. By streamlining our BMS controls, we’ve minimised potential points of failure, ensuring your peace of mind.
Flexibility Redefined: Say goodbye to traditional systems reliant on CAN bus cables for inverter communication. At PowerPlus, we’ve taken a different approach, offering both AC and DC coupling. Our focus on voltage control gives you the flexibility to adapt and modify your systems as needed.
But, How Does It Fit into Your World?

Whether you’re a homeowner eyeing an efficient energy shift or an industrial entrepreneur looking to optimize operations, LiFe4838P has a slot for you.

Domestic Houses or Utility Scale: From lighting up homes to fuelling large-scale operations, we’ve got the spectrum covered.

Industrial Marvels & Telecom Giants: Think mining or data centres. Think LiFe4838P.

Farming & Agribusiness: Powering the backbone of our economy? Yes, we’re on it!

Your Next Steps

Integrating LiFe4838P into your world is easy. Whether crafting your BESS masterpiece or leaning on PowerPlus’ solutions, the power is yours.

Ready to embark on this journey with PowerPlus in hand?

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