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Australia Wide Solar’s Innovative On-Grid Backup System with PowerPlus Energy Batteries

Australia Wide Solar has installed an innovative energy storage system at home in Annandale, New South Wales. The system, designed with a positive energy mindset, provides immediate backup power to essential items during blackouts, giving the customer long-term power support.

An On-Grid Backup System

The homeowner had designed his house to be as energy efficient as possible but required support to run a sump pump in his car stacker garage. To address this issue, the energy storage system provides him with 3 phase power to run essential items during blackouts.

The System

The energy storage system includes 8.4kW of Solar PV and 33kWh Battery Storage, making it capable of providing immediate backup power to the home. The battery storage consists of 10 x LiFe4833P 48VDC 3.3kWh LFP Battery Modules, which provide enough backup power to keep the home operational during extended periods power outages.

PowerPlus Energy lithium batteries supporting on-grid solar system

The solar panels used in the system are 21 x 400W SunPower MAX3 Solar Modules. These panels were strategically placed to capture the maximum amount of sunlight available. The system also includes 3 x Victron Energy MultiPlus II 48//5000/70 and 1 x Solaredge SE5000H 5kW HD Wave Solar Inverter. These components work together to ensure the system is efficient and effective, providing the home with on-grid backup power support.

Australia Wide Solar did the installation with meticulous precision. The system was implemented properly, thanks to the team’s careful planning and coordination.

Backup Power and Energy Efficiency

The impact of the energy storage system has been remarkable. The homeowner now has access to immediate backup power, ensuring that essential items in the home remain operational even during extended power outages. This positive energy mindset has enabled the homeowner to enjoy a more energy-efficient home without sacrificing essential power support.

Lastly, Australia Wide Solar’s installation of an energy storage system or on-grid backup power support with a forward-thinking energy philosophy has had a major effect on the homeowner’s routine. The installation was performed thoroughly, guaranteeing that the system will function well and be straightforward to maintain and troubleshoot. The homeowner now has a more energy-efficient home with on-grid backup power support and can continue to function through prolonged power outages thanks to the energy storage system’s immediate backup power. Because of the system’s efficiency and efficacy, renewable energy now has even more promise in meeting the needs of contemporary households.

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