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Powering Conservation: Energy Storage Upgrade in Gawler Ranges National Park

Lithium Battery Storage Cabinet

The Gawler Ranges National Park is a stunning conservation area in South Australia, covering over 1,600 square kilometres. With the closest town an hour away, providing reliable power for the park’s rangers and visitors has always been challenging. The original off-grid system installed over 20 years ago was no longer reliable, so the park turned to Hankins Electrical for an upgrade.

Off-Grid Upgrade

The System

The new off-grid system is a marvel of energy storage technology, featuring 22.2kW of solar PV and 130kWh of usable battery storage. The system uses 40 ECO4840P 48VDC battery modules and 60 Suntech solar modules. Two 7.5kW Selectronic SP Pro SPMC482-AU battery inverters are used in the power chain to ensure reliable and efficient power delivery.

One of the challenges in designing the new off-grid system was to ensure that it would meet the park’s growing power needs while remaining off-grid. With a significant amount of power required to run the park’s sheds, which include bait fridges for feral animals and air conditioning units for comfortable working environments, the system had to be designed to provide around 60kWh of daily usage, with a maximum peak power of 13kW and three days of autonomy.

To ensure reliable power delivery during low solar generation, a 40kW generator was installed as a backup. While the generator is rarely needed, it is programmed to come on after three consecutive days of cloudy weather during winter or once a month for a programmed hourly run.

Furthermore, new off-grid system is reliable and future-proof, ensuring that the park’s power needs will be met for many years to come. With energy storage technology advancing rapidly, the park’s energy system will likely continue to evolve and improve over time.

Finally, Gawler Ranges National Park is not only a beautiful natural area but also an important cultural site with a rich history. Thanks to the new energy storage system, visitors and rangers can continue enjoying the park’s natural wonders without worrying about unreliable power. It’s an excellent example of how energy storage technology can meet the unique challenges faced by remote and off-grid locations.

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