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PowerPlus Releases Internal Magazine for True Fans

With the release of a new brand this year, PowerPlus continues this exciting momentum welcoming the debut of Currents, PowerPlus’ new internal magazine designed for staff (and now shared with you; a true fan and supporter of Australian energy storage!). It aims to help foster an inclusive cross-department environment and share the happenings at PowerPlus. In these pages, readers learn more about our company, the people who make it all happen, and the remarkable journey we’ve embarked upon.

Read Currents Issue One here!

A backstage pass to see PowerPlus' world

Currents is your backstage pass to the PowerPlus world, featuring sections that allow you to:

  • Get to know our staff.
  • Celebrate with us on team achievements.
  • Explore our products.
  • Stay updated on our latest marketing endeavours.
  • Delve into our recent case studies.
  • And witness our installations in action.

This magazine wouldn’t be possible without the dedication and talent of our remarkable team. From the informative education pages written by Simon, our certified trainer to insightful interviews with our colleagues, new and existing. Each contribution reflects the passion and commitment driving PowerPlus forward.

So, why are we making this internal magazine public?

The answer lies in the incredible feedback we’ve received. We consider our stakeholders, including installers, suppliers, and supporters, part of the PowerPlus family. As a family-run business, we take pride in sharing our successes with our extended family. By going public, we aim to offer our true supporters a more intimate view of our journey. It’s also an opportunity to get to know some of the staff you may interact with, forging even stronger connections within our PowerPlus family.

We invite you to access the magazine, explore its content, and share your feedback with us. Currents is not just a magazine; it’s a window into the PowerPlus world. We thank you for your continued support as we continue our journey of innovation, growth, and community building.

Stay tuned for more, exciting editions of Currents. Our next magazine will be coming your way in December, packed with fresh stories, insights, and updates.

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